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best hijama centre in hyderabad, learn hijama
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What's happening under the Cups?

When cups are applied to the skin, a negative pressure is created, causing a rapid diffusion of various substances within the tissues. These substances are drawn to the surface, forming a pool primarily composed of stagnant blood in dysfunctional or dead capillaries. The cupping pressure causes mild ruptures in these capillaries. The pool also contains bio-molecules such as lactic acids, cellular debris, metabolic waste, environmental toxins, pharmaceutical residues, and substances acquired from our daily exposures. The accumulation of these substances can have detrimental effects on our health.

Best hijama centre in hyderabad, learn hijama, hijama  cupping benefits

After 7-10 minutes, the cups are removed, and small incisions are made before the cups are reapplied. Through these punctures, a significant portion of the pool's contents are expelled from the body. If these elements remain, they can lead to organ dysfunction, failure, and various diseases.

The body responds to cupping as if it were an injury, sending a rush of blood carrying repairing and healing elements to the area. This increased blood circulation cleanses the area and delivers oxygen, nutrients, and resources to the deprived tissue cells, promoting natural healing. The different shades of discoloration observed under the cup reflect the bio-content present in the pooled area. A skilled practitioner can interpret these shades and address the underlying causes. By effectively addressing these causes, diseases can be prevented to a significant extent.

Apart from the above mentioned several physical reactions also occur underneath the cup. The suction created by the cup helps to release tension and tightness in the muscles and soft tissues. It can help alleviate muscle knots, and reduce pain and discomfort. The vacuum effect of the cup gently lifts and stretches the underlying tissues. This decompression can help separate the layers of soft tissue, promoting better movement, flexibility, and reducing adhesions or restrictions.


Imran Khan

Lead Practitioner at i-Revive


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