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best hijama centre in hyderabad, learn hijama
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Why Hijama?

The proper functioning of our organs and muscles relies on a continuous and ample blood supply, which carries vital resources such as oxygen, nutrients, healing agents, hormones, anti-inflammatories, and natural pain relievers like opioids and enkephalins. Furthermore, blood plays a crucial role in cleansing organs by eliminating metabolic waste, cellular debris, toxins from various sources, and disease-related substances.

Best hijama centre in hyderabad, learn hijama, hijam cupping benefits

Impairments in blood flow, whether due to restrictions, congestion, or other factors, can give rise to various conditions and diseases within the body. Adequate blood circulation is essential for the overall health and functionality of organs and tissues.

Factors such as chronic stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, processed foods, sedentary habits, excessive sugar intake, lack of exercise, emotional and physical trauma, venous insufficiency, high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, chronic ailments, injuries, and varicose veins can contribute to impaired blood flow or blood stasis. Blood stasis (In this context, we are not referring to blood clots as understood in Western Medicine. Instead, we are discussing a condition characterized by reduced or stagnant blood circulation) occurs when circulation becomes sluggish, causing blood to pool and stagnate in specific areas. This hampers the delivery of essential resources and results in the accumulation of toxins, heavy metals, disease-causing substances, cellular debris, and metabolic waste in the tissues. Organs responsible for cleansing, such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, and lymph system, may struggle to access these substances. Severe impairments in blood flow to vital organs can lead to organ dysfunction or failure.

Impaired blood flow gives rise to two interconnected problems: the accumulation of waste and toxins, and the inadequate delivery of essential resources to organ tissues.

Hijama cupping therapy offers a targeted solution to these issues, particularly when combined with gliding cupping. By addressing restrictions and congestion in blood circulation, Hijama cupping not only improves sluggish flow but also ensures the effective delivery of vital resources to organs. Additionally, it facilitates the cleansing of organ tissues by extracting a pool of noxious elements through superficial incisions, thereby detoxifying the body.


Imran Khan

Lead Practitioner at i-Revive


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