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  • Are there any age limits on Cupping?
    The treatment is available for people of all ages who wish to benefit from it. However, it is advisable to be between the age of 16 and 65.
  • Why am I not seeing any immediate results of the Cupping therapy?
    A Cupping session will often give immediate pain relief in many parts of the body, especially for lower-back pain, but for other areas it may however take a bit longer. Cupping works in several ways; both as a detoxification of the blood and as a preventative medicine. When working with preventing diseases, the effects of the Cupping will take longer as it attempts to influence and improve the condition as a whole. You may not notice the effects it had on you immediately – although your overall health and immune system is in fact improving, sometimes without you even noticing it.
  • Do you have any advice to new patients prior to the treatment?
    Fast for at least 2-3 hours before your appointment. However, stay hydrated so that you do not feel dizzy during the treatment. Take a warm shower. Do not apply any creams, oils, or lotions on your skin. Leave personal accessories and jewelry at home. Medical history, current medication and allergies must be fully disclosed. Arrive on time. If you plan to cancel your appointment, please notify us 4 hours earlier at the least.
  • Do you treat men and women?
    Yes, we can take appointments for males and females, and have segregated cabins with both male and female practitioners
  • Is Cupping painful?
    The removal of blood through suction itself is completely painless for all patients. 90% of patients don't feel any pain whatsoever when the scratches are made, but some, depending on their pain threshold, may experience a ticklish sensation, and others may feel what resembles faint paper cuts. Rest assured, the scratches are very light and only designed to pierce the very top layer of the skin. In the hands of an experienced therapist, they are made within just a few seconds.
  • Can I have Hijama performed if I am haemophilic or diabetic?
    It depends on the unique details of your individual case and each case will be assessed on its individual merits. Please do not forget to bring your medications and/or medical treatment notes with you when you come for your treatment session.
  • What precautions should I take after my Hijama session is over?
    Avoid taking showers for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Abstain from using soaps or shampoo over the cupping site. Eat healthy meals and stay hydrated. Avoid oily foods and milk products totally. Do not scratch the cupping sites, moisturize them with olive oil to reduce itchiness and speed up healing. Send us your feedback! How you feel after your treatment, any pains you might be feeling, anything you wish to disclose.
  • What is the difference between ‘Wet Cupping and ‘Dry Cupping’?
    Dry Cupping - This is the process of using a vacuum on different areas of the body in order to gather the blood in that area without incisions. 70% of diseases, pain or ailments are due to the blood congestion and its inability to reach certain parts of the body. Dry massage cupping allows the blood to reach these places, therefore being a remedy to many ailments that people suffer from. Wet Cupping - This is the process of using a vacuum on different points of the body but with incisions in order to remove 'harmful' blood which lies just beneath the surface of the skin.
  • How long will the bruises remain on my skin?
    The bruising is also known as “ecchymosis”- simply a temporary discoloration and not permanent scarring. The redness from the cups being applied should start to fade in 48 hours. Scratches take around 7-14 days to heal in most clients. Their healing can be assisted by massaging the area with oil once a day. This will keep the skin supple whilst it advisable to be between the age of 16 and 65.
  • How long does it take to do Hijama?
    The standard Sunnah Basic plan (our starter plan which includes 4 sunnah points) takes about 30-45 minutes and include deep tissue stroking, gliding cupping and Hijama. Other plans may take a little longer depending on areas covered.
  • Will I lose too much blood?
    One thing you have to understand is that the blood that comes out is from the surface of the skin, it is not from the mainstream. If you are thinking your blood system only contains hemoglobin, platelets, plasma and white blood cells you are wrong, there are so many other junks that fly around in your body such as dead blood cells, blood clots, different toxins and pathogen please read our toxins section. Different people’s body gives different responses, sometimes hardly anything comes out from a person’s skin and that is not a bad thing. Because the cuts are very light the body heals the area very quick and automatically the blood stops coming out. We constantly analyse the patient if they are feeling well or not.


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