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i-Revive Hijamah Cupping therapy

The i-Revive Plan is a master plan that resets the whole body addressing almost all diseases & conditions, chronic issues, various imbalances etc. It kickstarts the body back to optimum health using a series of cupping sessions acting as a super charged boost to the body in a short period of time before the body goes back to its DIS-eased state. The plan consists of lymphatic drainage sessions, sectional cleansing sessions. The 3 week plan comes with a 21 day diet plan.

i-Revive Plan

  • Revives your body as a whole and it’s ability to healitself

  • Addresses almost all diseases, allergies, conditionsand chronic issues.

  • Aids the body in achieving homeostasis

  • Keeps skin healthy by increasing skin blood flow


3 Lymphatic cleanse session 3 Sessions - 2 LD (lymphatic drainage)+ 1 HLD (LD followed by Hijama cupping on nodal sites) + 3 session full body & vital organ cleanse (Upper body + Torso + Lower body)


3-4 weeks plan; 6 sessions

Book us at your convenient times to avoid being called out from inconvenient places

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